Elite K9 specializes in bed bug detection and preventive inspection using trained and certified detection dogs. Exterminators have an average efficiency of 35 %, whereas detection dogs have a 98 %* efficiency average. Elite K9 dogs can tell dead bugs from live bed bugs no matter their form (egg, larva, or adult). If a dog detects a bed bug, a
second dog will confirm the detection. Our dogs are disciplined, obedient and effective.

Rapid and effective detection of bed bugs is a major step of integrated pest management. Elite K9 offers various services to carry out this step of your treatment strategy. To protect your investment, we offer a range of services suited to your budget.

A 2012 study conducted by William Reisen (Journal of Medical Entomology 53:2) revealed that 50 % of people with bed bugs in their apartment are unaware of it. During this time, the problem becomes more severe and harder to deal with.

In their genetic bed bug study, Booth et al. 2012 (Journal of Medical Entomology 49:3) observed that most infestations originate from a couple of bed bugs. All it takes for a neighbourhood to be infested is for a single person to come unwillingly into contact with a bed bug on public transit, while visiting friends, or at the movies, and for each bed bug or group of bed bugs to spread, which may spawn a whole new population of bed bugs.

Exterminators vs. Our Dogs

It takes a dozen technicians to inspect the same number of rooms as a team of Elite K9 dogs. Moreover, our dogs can detect and locate bed bugs three times more accurately within the same period.

35% accurate


Our Dogs
98% accurate


Health Canada

Some people do not react at all to bed bug bites; this is particularly the case for seniors.

In its booklet on bed bugs, Health Canada suggests canine detection as a screening method. An early detection is the best way to prevent a bed bug left by a visitor from infesting your building. Disciplined, obedient and effective dogs.

Regular detection helps locate bed bugs while they are few in numbers and not widespread; it allows for fast extermination, prevents them from spreading and avoids the high costs involved. Customers rarely complain about the presence of bed bugs. Bed bug bites leave no traces in some people; this is particularly the case for seniors.

For example: At the hotel, a servicing cart, a client or a staff member can easily carry a bed bug from a room and contaminate other rooms, the laundry room, a conference room, the lobby, the
restaurant, etc.

*Ref. Pfiester, M., P. G. Koehler, and M. Pereira. 2008. Ability of bed bug-detecting canines to locate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. J. Econ. Entomol. 101: 1389 Ð1396.