4 types of services are offered:

Gold Service, Silver Service, Bronze Service, À la carte Service.

Genetic bed bug studies observe that most bed bug infestations originate from one person unaware that he has bed bugs and spreads them while on the move. Public transit or private transportation is often the origin of a new infestation. The systematic and regular inspection of your fleet will limit the spread and make you a good corporate citizen. Furthermore, a certificate will show that you are doing your part.

Description of services:

Routine preventive inspection to avoid spreading

To make sure that the presence of bed bugs does not spread throughout your premises, we will proceed with a canine routine preventive inspection. If a few bed bugs are present, the dogs will quickly locate them so you may easily eliminate them before they become a real problem. A bed bug's life cycle, when it has access to blood, is 24 days at 30°C. This cycle lengthens if the temperature is colder. If a bed bug does not have access to blood, it can live up to 18 months.

This is why a preventive inspection is important for companies that:

  • Have visiting clients on a daily basis.

If the public area is a busy one, it is recommenced to perform preventive inspections more than once a year. 6-month, 4-month or even 3-month inspections may be prudent. To ensure your peace of mind and to reassure your clients, schedule a canine preventive inspection. This systematic and thorough inspection provides the basis for assurance that your establishment is bed bug free. We will supply an inspection certificate for each treated area.

Bed bug detection to precisely pinpoint the presence of parasites and only treat affected areas.

When you have received customer complaints about bites or discomfort, you want to know if there are bed bugs, and if so where are they. The Elite K9 team will inspect for you the areas suspected of being bed bug infested. The canine unit will be able to check if the problem has spread to areas other than the suspected ones. After gathering this information, your intervention strategy will be more efficient and less costly. Even if there are just a few bed bugs, the Elite K9 dogs will find them. You will be able to more easily control the spreading and eliminate the bed bugs if they are quickly detected. Canine detection is five times faster and three times more efficient than detections performed by specialized exterminators (Journal of Economic Entomology, 2014). Since we are not affiliated with any other bed bug treatment firm, we derive no benefit from the fact that there are or aren’t any bed bugs in your premises. Therefore, our detection is 100% objective.

After-treatment detection to ensure that all bed bugs are eliminated (adults, eggs, pupa, larvae).

After a treatment, you are wondering about its efficacy. Elite K9 will perform after- treatment detections to make sure all beg bugs have been eliminated. Some delays are required for certain types of treatment which include the use of persistent chemicals. Again, since we are not affiliated to any other treatment company, we do not try to give good press to any of them. Our detection is 100 % objective.

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