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High-risk areas!

30% of infestations are in couches alone!

*ref. Bed bud central
30% 30%
High risk areas

Hotel, motels, multiplexes and retirement homes are the places where we more frequently find bed bugs. Bed bugs hide in numerous places: couches, carpets, chairs, tablecloths, desks, tables, curtains and behind electrical outlets.

Risk areas

Every public area can hide bed bugs: concert hall, theatre, cinema, train, plane, boat, bus, hospital, medical clinic, health centre, spa, day-care centre, school (elementary, secondary, CEGEP, university), library, restaurant, lodge, inn, rented cottage, office, warehouse, sports centre, summer camp, house, thrift shop and any clothing store accepting exchanges and returns.

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Do you know that?

Some people do not react at all to the bites. This is especially common among seniors.