Drug / explosives detection


Our drug detection dogs support your efforts at prevention and improve safety and well-being in your facilities.

Canine units have a proven track record in drug detection. As a regular presence in your environment, our canine handlers ensure both prevention and deterrence. We team up with you to eradicate drug use and trafficking within your walls and thus contribute to making your environment more pleasant and productive.

The benefits of using detector dogs for drug detection:

  • Reduction in the number of violent events
  • Reduction of health problems (overdose)
  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower costs
  • Decrease in time lost due to material accidents that may occur in high-risk environments

Our dog teams work with you to conduct operations that are in line with your objectives, laws and privacy.

Our dogs detect the following drugs/narcotics and their derivatives in all settings:

  • Marijuana, Hash
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin, Opium
  • MDMA, Ectasy
  • Methamphetamine, amphetamines


Drugs detection in intervention mode

Is your community experiencing a situation involving drug use or trafficking? We provide drug detection services in intervention mode in order to curb this problem. We can either work with you on your internal investigation or accompany you if you need help with a specific problem.

Drugs in schools

The regular presence of a dog team in schools helps to put an end to drug trafficking and drug use in the school. Our dogs have a very dissuasive effect on young people, who will realize that this is taken seriously by the administration.

Our dogs are able to detect odours through locker doors and bags.

Drug inspection in mining, forestry or construction companies

We provide several methods of drug inspection for construction sites, mining companies and forestry companies to help you stay in control, including being present when employees arrive or leave.

Detection of drugs at events

We can have our detector dogs at the checkpoint or directly in the crowd, before the search point or on site. This approach allows us to effectively control a large volume of people.

The mere presence of our dog teams on site helps to deter people from bringing drugs into the event.

Drug detection in the transport industry

In the transport industry, we can intervene before customs and at the employee level before boarding. Accidents may be reduced due to the presence of our detector dogs.

Several schools and businesses that have already benefited from our services have noticed a great improvement in the situation.



We have trained our dogs to accurately and safely detect the scent of explosives and firearms in all environments.

We understand that there is no room for error when it comes to detecting explosives. Our detector dogs follow a distinctive training programme that includes real-life scenarios to safely detect all common types of explosives. Our dogs are therefore calm, focused on the job, used to crowds and all settings.

What makes us stand out in the industry?

  • Our dogs are certified annually by the American working Dog Association
  • You benefit from actual experience in the field
  • Our teams are bilingual and experienced
  • Our dogs have been specially trained to detect explosives safely and accurately
  • Our teams have a nose for things, so you can trust them

Detection of explosives during an event

Our dogs already excel in the detection of explosives at the largest events and shows in Québec. We are therefore well aware of the needs of touring teams and are able to respond effectively.

In the context of an event, we have to manage thousands of people who move quickly, sometimes over a fairly large area. The addition of a canine team to detect explosives at a gathering is a considerable asset to your existing security measures.

Our dogs do an excellent job of prevention by inspecting buildings, rooms, luggage, vehicles and even people in motion before, during and after the event. The aim is to detect any explosives, suspicious packages or firearms before they reach the entrance and to keep everyone safe.

Why use an explosive detection dog team for your event?

  • To deter people with bad intentions
  • For prevention and security
  • To speed up the entry control process (e.g., search)
  • For the efficiency of the dogs

Detection of explosives in the transport industry

Airports, as well as ports and railway stations, are high-risk areas for explosives, due to the volume of cargo and freight moving through them. The use of a canine team can reduce response time by avoiding the need to wait for police teams. Our detector dogs help you keep your employees and facilities safe while ensuring the continuity of business.

No technology beats the efficiency and accuracy of our detection dogs when it comes to the detection of explosives on cargo. They are accurate, fast, efficient and less expensive than X-ray technologies.

Our teams move between cargo without interfering with the cargo sorting process, thus causing no delays in transport. Our cargo explosive detection service allows your goods to make their way safely through the distribution chain.

We take part of the Transport Canada EDDHT program for the screening of all-cargo, mail and aerodrome.  We can provide K9 in Quebec or east Canada or in all Canada.

We are, of course, subject to the necessary security clearances and permits to perform our duties.

Detection of moving persons

Our explosive detection dogs on the move are very effective when scanning large numbers of people, such as at an event or gathering. We have trained them to work in crowds without being distracted by noises or smells.

When the dog recognizes the smell of an explosive or a gun on an individual, it will mark him by sitting in front of him. This is a clear signal he is sending us while blocking the suspect’s path.

Intervention dog team

These teams are even more specialized than the patrol teams. Dog handlers are even more trained (handcuffing, searching, telescopic baton) and they have more experience in dealing with more tense situations such as big events, festivals, demonstrations or others. Dogs are even more self-confident, more dissuasive and desensitized to anything that could happen (fireworks, smoke grenades, obstacles, etc.). These teams can really work in all environments and most importantly to be effective at work in all situations.

When we are looking for a real canine unit that will do the job in all situations, our canine intervention teams are the ones we want to call us!

Patrol dog team

We offer you our services to patrol your festivals, buildings, construction sites, establishment, grounds or others with our well-trained dog teams. The dog handler holds a security guard license with the Private Security Bureau and is accompanied by his well-trained dog. They are specifically trained to use the dog well in order to patrol, manage situations and protect your property. A canine unit is equivalent to several security guards due to the dog’s smell and hearing. That’s not to mention the strong impression the dog gives!

When we are looking for a canine unit that will make a good impression while being able to intervene, it is our patrol teams that we want to call us!


Elite K9 - Detection Dogs

ELITE K9 is a company that specializes in drug / explosives detection with certified detection dogs.